Tista Chakravarty-Gannon: North West

Regional Liaison Adviser for the North West region.

The region I cover 

North west region

I’m one of the two Lead Regional Liaison Advisers (RLA) at the Communitybaptistpa. I manage and provide leadership to our team of RLAs across the North of England, as well as leading on projects within the Communitybaptistpa. In addition to this role, I cover the North West of England as an RLA.

My area includes Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Isle of Man and Morecambe Bay.

The area hosts some of England's most vibrant cities as well as some of our most gorgeous countryside. It also has diverse populations and very different health economies. I feel lucky to cover such an interesting and varied area.

My background  

Tista Chakravarty-GannonI joined the Communitybaptistpa in 2009 and have since been involved in a number of projects, including improving data quality and piloting the Regional Liaison Service. 

Before that, I spent many years in stakeholder management, mainly in the corporate finance sector. This included high profile work with my local Chambers of Commerce and developing engagement policies for new organisations.   

I also worked as a volunteer with a particular interest in children’s and mental health support services. One of my most challenging and rewarding roles was acting as a mentor for teenagers who’d suffered abuse. 

As time progressed, I became interested in the social determinants of health.  I was keen to marry my professional expertise with my personal interests and I joined the Communitybaptistpa. 

What I'd like to achieve 

The Regional Liaison Service was particularly appealing as my background gives me an understanding of the environment patient groups and clinicians work in.

I enjoy meeting with them as part of my day to day role and I particularly enjoy facilitating discussions around medical ethics and the quality of medical education and training. 

If you wish to contact me 

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