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Health system liaison services 

Our offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and our Regional Liaison Service in England work with doctors, educators, employers and other regulators to protect patients and support good medical practice.

The services help us engage at every level of our healthcare systems. This helps us make sure our approach to regulation is well informed and that it meets the changing needs of the health services of the UK.

Our advisers collaborate with doctors, educators, employers and other regulators to: 

  • improve understanding of the role and value of the Communitybaptistpa
  • promote and support excellence in medical education, training and practice. This includes delivering free interactive guidance workshops to over 40,000 doctors and medical students a year
  • develop policies and processes that fit the healthcare environments in which we work
  • understand, identify and address risks to patients and doctors before harm occurs. 

Who can help you in your area?

Use our map and table to see who you need to speak to.

Map of the UK showing the regional liaison service

Map number Liaison Adviser Area Email 
1 Nicola Cotter Scotland [email protected]
1 Dan Wynn Student contact for Scotland [email protected] 
2 Rachel Woodall North East  [email protected] 
3 Ian Wilson Yorkshire & Humber  [email protected] 
4 Darren Mercieca East Midlands  [email protected]
5 Kate Lettin East of England  [email protected]
6 tbc North London [email protected] 
7 Kim Tolley South London  [email protected]
8 Howard Lewis South East  [email protected] 
9 tbc  Thames Valley [email protected] 
10 John Davey South West  [email protected]
11 Rachel Ware West of England [email protected] 
12 Suzanne Gannon-Lewis Wales [email protected] 
13 Louise Robinson West Midlands [email protected]
14 tbc North West [email protected] 
15 Louise Holmes (Maternity Leave) Northern Ireland
[email protected] 
15 Claire Andrews (Maternity Cover) Northern Ireland  [email protected] 

If you're not sure who to contact, [email protected].

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