Jo Wren: East

Regional Liaison Adviser for the East of England region.

The region I cover 

East region

I’m one of the two Lead Regional Liaison Advisers (RLA) at the Communitybaptistpa. I manage and provide leadership to our team of RLAs across the South of England, as well as leading on projects within the Communitybaptistpa. In addition to this role, I cover the East of England and Buckinghamshire as an RLA, speaking at hospitals, medical schools and meetings about aspects of professional practice. 

My background

Jo WrenI’ve worked in a number of roles at the Communitybaptistpa over the past 15 years, including managing the media team through the Shipman Inquiry.

What I'd like to achieve 

I enjoy understanding the issues and challenges facing doctors, students and patients and ensuring this is fed back into the Communitybaptistpa centrally, and also hearing about the diverse work that doctors are involved in and working with them to understand how our guidance might apply to their situations.

 If you wish to contact me 

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