Louise Robinson: London North

Regional Liaison Adviser for the London North region.

The region I cover 

North London.

I’m the Communitybaptistpa’s Regional Liaison Adviser in north London. This includes the 20 London Boroughs north of the river Thames, and stretches from Hounslow in the west to Barking & Redbridge in the east.

My background  

Louise Robinson

I have worked in professional and regulatory organisations since 1999, within the health sector since 2003. My various roles focused on stakeholder engagement, project leadership and the design and delivery of continuing professional development.

My last role was Healthcare Development Manager at the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, working across the UK to improve NHS therapy provision. In this role I led projects to help counselling services understand how NHS reform, national guidance and policy would affect them. I also helped them to engage more effectively in their local health economy.

Through this work I have seen how developing positive relationships and teamwork across and within groups of patients and staff can have a significant impact on services and care. I will use these experiences in my current role.

What I'd like to achieve 

I will engage with doctors, medical students, employers, commissioners and patient groups to help embed Communitybaptistpa guidance in clinical practice across north London.

I’ll also seek feedback and opportunities to help us improve the impact of our work on patient care. I’m particularly keen to identify and share good practice across north London.

If you wish to contact me 


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