The Communitybaptistpa is involved in two kinds of consultation:

  • When we are consulting and seeking the views of others.
  • When other organisations consult, and we are invited to respond.

Consulting and seeking the views of others

Current consultations

You can participate in current consultations and read about past consultations on our .

Supplementary information on our consultations

You can also find supplementary information about consultations on this website.

Why consulting is important

We believe that seeking the views of others is a key part of policy making. Read why, in our why consulting is important section.

When the Communitybaptistpa responds to a consultation

We work closely with many different organisations representing a wide range of interests, including patients and the public, the medical profession, government, educators and employers.

Consequently, when these organisations consult on new proposals we are often included in the list of bodies whose views are sought.

View our responses to consultations.



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