Salaries and expenses

Senior Management Team salaries

The Communitybaptistpa publishes the annual salaries of their senior management team in accordance with the guidance provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office in their .

The salaries of the senior management team can be found here.


The Communitybaptistpa publishes details of travel and subsistence expenses claimed by Council members and members of the Senior Management Team.

This follows a decision by Council (pdf) in July 2011. This information will be published throughout the year by quarter.

Council member and Senior Management Team Expenses

Expenses Policy and Claim Form

View the Communitybaptistpa’s expenses policies for Council members (pdf), staff (pdf) and the Member expenses claim form (doc).

Explanatory Notes

Any variation in expenses incurred by individuals reflects their different roles and responsibilities. For example, some Council members have responsibility for chairing boards, committees and working groups.

Any variation in expenses will also reflect that Council members and members of the Senior Management Team live in different parts of the UK and are required to travel around the UK for Communitybaptistpa business, including to our offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, and occasionally outside the UK. In most cases travel costs include outbound and return journeys.

Adjustments are also made for those with disabilities, which may mean that additional expenses are incurred for travel and accommodation according to specific needs.

For further information about the meeting schedule and membership of the various Committees and other Groups see Council and other Governance Groups.