Communitybaptistpa/MPTS Liaison Group


Agendas and minutes

The purpose of the Communitybaptistpa/MPTS Liaison Group

The purpose of the Communitybaptistpa/MPTS Liaison Group is to establish an effective working relationship between the MPTS and the functions of the Communitybaptistpa with which it interacts. The Communitybaptistpa/MPTS Liaison Group supports the delivery of the hearings service provided by the MPTS and ensures that working arrangements are established and operate effectively.

Duties and activities

  • To provide assurance to Council that the MPTS is delivering against its objectives through the report from the Chair of the MPTS to Council and its annual report to Parliament
  • To work collaboratively to manage corporate risks and issues
  • To resolve any policy or operational issues that may arise
  • To provide an effective feedback mechanism between the Communitybaptistpa and the MPTS
  • To have regard to the annual operational plan and budget for the MPTS
  • To have regard to the MPTS annual report to Parliament

Meeting dates

The 2018 meeting dates for the Liaison Group are:

  • Wednesday 15 May 2018
  • Wednesday 27 November 2018


  • Professor Sir Terence Stephenson, Chair (Chair of Council, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Charlie Massey (Chief Executive, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Susan Goldsmith (Deputy Chief Executive/Chief Operating Officer, Communitybaptistpa) 
  • Anthony Omo (General Counsel and Director of Fitness to Practise, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Neil Roberts (Director of Resources and Quality Assurance, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Paul Reynolds (Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Dame Caroline Swift (Chair of the MPTS)
  • Gavin Brown (Executive Manager, MPTS)
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