Executive Board

The Executive Board is the senior decision-making and oversight forum established to provide strategic direction, scrutiny and reporting to Council by the Communitybaptistpa’s senior management team of significant policy, strategy, finance, performance, operational delivery and resource management issues. It ensures that the Communitybaptistpa is a high-performing and agile regulator that understands its registrants, the health care systems in which it operates and the views of its key stakeholders.

Meeting papers

Statement of Purpose

The Executive Board’s Statement of Purpose was agreed at the Board’s meeting on 5 June 2017.

Meeting dates

The 2018 meeting dates for the Executive Board are:
  • Monday 29 January
  • Monday 26 February
  • Monday 26 March
  • Monday 30 April
  • Monday 4 June
  • Monday 25 June
  • Monday 23 July
  • Monday 1 October
  • Monday 29 October
  • Monday 26 November
  • Monday 17 December


  • Charlie Massey, Chair (Chief Executive)
  • Susan Goldsmith (Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Paul Buckley (Director of Strategy and Policy)
  • Colin Melville (Director of Education and Standards)
  • Una Lane (Director of Registration and Revalidation)
  • Anthony Omo (Director of Fitness to Practise)
  • Paul Reynolds (Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement)
  • Neil Roberts (Director of Resources and Quality Assurance)