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Between 2009 and 2012 our governance framework included three Boards which were established to advise and support Council, themed around the main phases of a doctor’s career: undergraduate, postgraduate (leading to the certificate of completion of training) and continued practice.

The main responsibilities of the Boards were: to advise Council at an early stage on the impact of possible policy developments on doctors at the stage of their career for which each Board is responsible, before these are formally submitted to Council; and to assist in the detailed implementation of policy decisions for their own target groups.

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* As of 17 February 2011 the Continued Practice Board was superseded by the Continued Practice, Revalidation and Registration Board.


Between 2013 and 2017 our governance framework included two Boards which acted as advisory forums to support decision making. The Strategy and Policy Board and the Performance and Resources Board were replaced by the Executive Board in April 2017.

The Strategy and Policy Board focused on drivers and implications of the Communitybaptistpa's strategic aims and policy developments and their impact on our key interest groups. The Performance and Resources Board provided a forum for reviewing operational performance and organisational capacity.
Click on the links below to access our archive of Board agendas and papers from the Strategy and Policy Board and Performance and Resources Board.


The Revalidation Advisory Board (formerly the Revalidation Implementation Advisory Board) was established in March 2013 to provide advice to the Communitybaptistpa about how effectively revalidation is operating. It gave insight from a range of perspectives about how the system was working on the ground, and how different groups including doctors, responsible officers (ROs), patients, the public and employers were experiencing revalidation. This formed an important part of how the Communitybaptistpa monitored the implementation of revalidation.

Click on the link below to access our archive of Board agendas and papers from the Revalidation Advisory Board.



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