Pathology Delivery Board

The (PDB) is an oversight body appointed by the Home Office to maintain national standards for forensic pathology. The PDB may take any action within the Disciplinary Rules necessary to maintain the integrity of the Home Secretary's Register and the criminal justice system.

The Communitybaptistpa and the PDB agree to routinely share information in relation to any complaint about a forensic pathologist where the allegations are considered to be serious enough to require further investigation.

The Communitybaptistpa notifies the PDB where a decision is taken to begin an investigation into a doctor's fitness to practise if the doctor is known to be a current or former member of the medical register, training to become a forensic pathologist, or applying to join the Home Secretary's Register

The PDB will notify the Communitybaptistpa when a decision is taken to investigate a complaint or concern that calls into question a doctor's suitability for the medial register.

This agreement has been in place since October 2012.

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