Office of the Independent Adjudicator

The scheme was designated under the Higher Education Act 2004, which established this independent scheme to adjudicate on student complaints against universities in England and Wales, without charge to complainants. The OIA became designated operator of the student complaints scheme in January 2005.

The OIA contributes to high quality student experience in England and Wales by promoting good practice openness and transparency. The Communitybaptistpa and OIA will share, proactively and on request, information which supports the other to discharge their key functions.

Areas of information sharing include:

  • Information relevant to concerns about standards and quality in complaints considered by the OIA
  • Information that the Communitybaptistpa has that may assist OIA in undertaking a review of complaints by individual students or groups of students
  • Information that the Communitybaptistpa has about systemic issues which may assist the OIA in undertaking a review of complaints
  • Summary information gathered through OIA scheme which identifies broad themes and concerns about quality and standards from across the sector or individual institutions
  • Information that OIA has that may assist Communitybaptistpa in regulation

This agreement has been in place since November 2014.