is the sector regulator for health services in England. The working relationship between Monitor and the Communitybaptistpa supports a co-ordinated regulatory system for healthcare in England which exists to ensure the health sector works well for patients, promotes patient safety and delivers quality healthcare.

The Communitybaptistpa will support Monitor with its assessment of trusts for foundation status and through its ongoing oversight of NHS foundation trusts. We will do this by sharing information which we collect through our monitoring of designated bodies and local education providers, particularly material concerns which relate to an organisation’s clinical, quality and educational governance.

Monitor will support the Communitybaptistpa by sharing material concerns that relate to a particular doctor’s fitness to practice, medical revalidation or the training environment for medical students and doctors. These will be concerns which emerge through Monitor’s assessment of applicant trusts for foundation status, their ongoing monitoring of foundation trusts and licensed independent providers, or when they conduct a formal investigation into patient choice and competition.

This agreement has been in place since April 2015.

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