Health & Safety Executive

The (HSE) is responsible for enforcing the Health and Safety at Work Act etc. (HSWA) 1974 throughout Great Britain. Its job is to ‘prevent people being killed, injured or made ill by work’.

The HSWA sets out general duties which employers, the self-employed, and people in control of premises have towards their employees and others who could be affected by the work activities.

Collaborative working between the HSE and Communitybaptistpa falls into two areas:

  • The exchange of information
  • Communication and liaison

The following areas are covered in the agreement:

  • Referral of matters of concern
  • Communitybaptistpa informing HSE of concerns
  • HSE informing Communitybaptistpa of concerns about individual doctors
  • Communication and liaison arrangements
  • Investigations and inquiries relevant to both bodies' functions
  • Data protection provisions

This agreement has been in place since December 2012.

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