NHS Counter Fraud Scotland

The (CFSS) serves to provide the NHS in Scotland with a comprehensive counter fraud service by delivering:

  • Pro-active detection of fraud and other irregularities against NHS Scotland
  • Full and fair investigations into alleged fraud or other irregularities by patients, staff, contractors or suppliers
  • Open access to those wishing to report fraud and other irregularities
  • Surveillance and covert human intelligence source management
  • Provision of specialist advice to assist in the formulation of counter fraud policy and regulations
  • Recovery of resources fraudulently or corruptly obtained from the NHS

Areas of information sharing include:

  • Sharing of expertise and experience in the development of investigative methodologies
  • Discussions about the strategy / policy of each organisation aimed at increasing the effectiveness of communication between them
  • Discussions about individual doctors (where one or both organisations are investigating the doctor in question)

This agreement has been in place since January 2008.

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