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You can find all published research reports and insight papers here. Please note we commission independent organisations to conduct research, therefore we may not always share the same views and opinions given.

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NHS GPs in England and Scotland face growing workplace pressures

Research | 23 May 2018
Working patterns of NHS GPs in England and Scotland highlights strong patterns between contractual arrangements and rates of complaints and investigations.
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Evaluating the regulatory impact of medical revalidation

Research | 1 May 2018
Findings from the UK Medical Revalidation Evaluation Collaboration’s (UMbRELLA) three-year study into the impact of revalidation.
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Number of doctors choosing to undertake locum work rises

Insight | 17 Apr 2018
A growing proportion of doctors in England, Scotland and Wales are choosing to undertake work as locums.
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Regulatory approaches to telemedicine

Research | 1 Mar 2018
Review of regulatory approaches to telemedicine around the world.
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Overcoming barriers to learning

Research | 16 Feb 2018
Surveys and interviews with medical education providers and students.
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Relationships between primary medical qualification and nationality in 2016 and 2017

Insight | 1 Dec 2017
Our insight findings into the relationship between primary medical qualification and nationality in 2016 and 2017.
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Doctors with a European primary medical qualification - part two

Insight | 1 Nov 2017
Our second insight paper into data about doctors with a European primary medical qualification.
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Preventable patient harm across health care services

Research | 1 Nov 2017
This review examines the prevalence, severity and key types of preventable patient harm.
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Doctors’ attitudes to consent and shared decision making

Research | 1 Oct 2017
Our research findings into Doctors’ attitudes to consent and shared decision making.
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How organisations ensure their decision making is fair

Research | 1 Sep 2017
What is a fair decision? We review how other organisations approach this, including tools and methods.
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The future operating environment for medical regulation

Research | 1 Aug 2017
A study involving desk based research, interviews with key experts and a scenario planning workshop.
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Communitybaptistpa tracking survey 2016

Research | 1 Jun 2017
This research tracks perceptions and how specific areas of our work are regarded by key groups.