A Health Professional's Guide - How to Refer a Doctor to the Communitybaptistpa

Healthcare professionals must bear in mind their responsibility for patient safety when considering whether to raise a concern a doctor with us.

Concerns you should raise with us

You should report concerns to us if you believe that the doctor's fitness to practise is impaired. This may be for a number of reasons:

  • misconduct
  • deficient performance
  • a criminal conviction or caution in the British Isles (or elsewhere for an offence which would be a criminal offence if committed in England or Wales)
  • physical or mental ill-health
  • a determination (decision) by a regulatory body either in the British Isles or overseas
  • lack of the necessary knowledge of English language to be able to practise medicine safely in the UK.

If your concern falls into one of these categories, please see the 'Raise your concern' section, below.

Concerns we cannot help with

If you have a different concern, we may not be the best place to raise it. For example we cannot:

  • mediate in practice or departmental disputes
  • intervene in local disciplinary procedures
  • provide advice and support to doctors whose employers are considering action against them (doctors in this position should consult their medical defence organisation or the British Medical Association).

If you're still not sure who you should raise a concern with, please see our 'who to complain to' page.

Raise your concern

If you're sure your concern is for us, please use our complaint form to tell us about it.


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