Case Studies

Examples of typical complaints

This section provides fictional case studies based on typical complaints, to help you decide who you should contact about your complaint.

  • read the short description of the complaint
  • click to hear the patient’s story
  • find out who the patient complained to in each case and whether this was the right decision for them

Where suggestions have been made to contact a local help and advice organisation, contact details can be found in the local help services.


Eileen NAME: Eileen, AGE: 69
A disagreement with a hospital doctor led to the doctor refusing to continue treatment.


NAME: Sarah, AGE: 35
A family was removed from a surgery’s list following a series of disputes.


NAME: Mai, AGE: 42
A complaint after a problem with medical fees.


NAME: Andrew, AGE: 36
Andrew complained about a doctor’s comments in the medical report to an insurance company.


NAME: Keisha, AGE: 24
A doctor started Keisha on a trial drug without explaining the possible side effects.


NAME: Paul, AGE: 31
Paul received bad medical advice on a website run by a doctor.



NAME: Rajesh, AGE: 53
Rajesh was in dispute with a neighbour, who is a doctor.