Information for Postgraduate Deans

There are standards for deaneries, which clarify the responsibilities of every Postgraduate Dean and deanery/LETB in the UK.

As part of the mandatory requirements each deanery/LETB shares the responsibility for ensuring that they seek prospective approval from the Communitybaptistpa for training where appropriate and necessary.

As the Postgraduate Dean, you should support the administrative process in ensuring that when time is to count towards CCT or CESR (CP), out of programme applications are submitted to the Communitybaptistpa prospectively. Where an application is submitted for your approval and the post is due to start imminently, we ask that you do not delay your support. Applications that are submitted to us after the post has started will not be approved.

If an application is submitted to you after the post has started, you should not offer support for the time to count towards CCT or CESR (CP). The doctor in training’s Educational Supervisor and Training Programme Director should have made it clear that it is a legislative requirement for all specialty training to be prospectively approved. Applications that do not meet this basic requirement should not be progressed to the Communitybaptistpa for approval.

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