Information for colleges and faculties

The colleges and faculties have a key role in the out of programme process. Where time is to count towards the award of a CCT or CESR (CP), it is your responsibility to assess the proposal and make a decision on how much time should count. An indicative amount of time can be proposed at the initial application.

You should make your requirements as clear as possible, including the information a trainee should submit when requesting your endorsement.

Where an indicative number of months have been given in the initial endorsement letter, you must make it clear to the doctor in training the steps they must take to confirm the amount of time that will count towards the award of a CCT or CESR (CP).

When time out of programme is to count towards the award of a CCT or CESR (CP), approval will only be given by the Communitybaptistpa if the application is submitted before the post has started. This is a legislative requirement. We ask that you do not endorse an out of programme application when the post has already started.

College/faculty endorsement letters must include the following table as a minimum. It can either be part of the letter or as an appendix.

 Doctor's name  

 OOT Type

 (delete as appropriate)

  • Training
  • Research
  • Acting up Consultant 

 OOP Location

 (Hospital name and country)

 Start date of post  
 End date of post  

 Time to count towards CCT/CESR (CP) application type

 (Exact number of months)


If this table is not included, it will delay the application approval process. Applications which are submitted after the post has started will not be approved.