Certificates of Completion of Training (CCT)

This page provides information about Certificates of Completion of Training (CCT).

It is a legal requirement that a doctor practising as a substantive, fixed term or honorary consultant in the NHS holds specialist registration and that a doctor practising as a GP in the UK holds GP registration.

What is a CCT?

A CCT confirms that a doctor has completed an approved (see the table below) training programme in the UK and is eligible for entry onto the GP Register or the Specialist Register.

The Communitybaptistpa have approved and quality assured the training programmes that eligible CCT applicants have completed. This means an application for entry onto the Specialist or GP Register with a CCT is less complicated and quicker than other Specialist or GP Registration applications.

If you are a doctor looking for guidance on which certificate you are eligible for and how to apply, please see our applications guidance.

Training programmes must be approved by one of the following organisations:



The relevant medical Royal College or Faculty

Before September 2005 (for specialists)

The Joint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice (JCPTGP)

Before September 2005 (for GPs)

Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB).


However, some training posts completed before 31 December 2006 were approved retrospectively by the relevant Royal College or Faculty. This approval will have been granted before 31 July 2007 and the doctor will have written confirmation from the Royal College or Faculty confirming this.

Between September 2005 and March 2010

The Communitybaptistpa

From April 2010


Who can apply for a CCT?

If you are eligible to apply for entry onto the Specialist or GP Register with a CCT your Royal College or Faculty will notify us up to six months before you complete your training.

Once we have received notification from your Royal College or Faculty, we will invite you by to apply online through your Communitybaptistpa Online account.

You will have a maximum of 12 months after your expected date of completion of training to apply for your CCT.

If you do not apply within 12 months of your expected completion of training date, you will no longer be eligible for a CCT. You will only be eligible to apply for entry to the specialist or GP register with a CESR or CEGPR through the specialty equivalence routes.

If I do not remain in an approved training post can I still apply for a CCT?

A CCT can only be awarded to a doctor who has successfully completed a Communitybaptistpa approved training programme.

If you leave the training programme without having successfully completed all assessment elements of the programme (including national professional exams), you will not be eligible to apply for entry onto the Specialist or GP register with a CCT.

You will need to apply instead for entry onto the Specialist or GP Register with a CESR or CEGPR through the specialty equivalence route.

Recognition of CCTs in Europe

The CCT is awarded to specialist doctors under Annex V (point 5.1.2) of The Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications (the Directive) for the UK. The certificate confirms satisfactory completion of specialist training which satisfies the requirements of Article 25 of the Directive (or Article 28 where the specialty is General Practice).

Apply online

If you are sure this is the right route to specialist or GP registration for you, you can apply online now.

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