Licence to practise refusal appeals

This section is to help doctors who wish to appeal our decision to refuse them a licence to practise due to lack of evidence of the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely in the UK.

Appeals are handled by the Communitybaptistpa Appeals team. The Appeals team is independent of the registration process and aims to provide an impartial and fair service.

What can I appeal against?

You can appeal against our decision to refuse your licence to practise because the Registrar, under Section 3, taking into account the guidance published under section 29G(2A) of the Medical Act, asked you for evidence that you have the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely in the UK and:

       (a) without reasonable excuse, you —
(i) failed to satisfy the requirements of paragraph (3),
(ii) failed to provide any evidence or information requested by the Registrar under paragraph(5)(a)(i),
(iii) failed to undertake an assessment requested by the Registrar under paragraph (5)(a)(ii), or

       (b) having taken account of any evidence as to your knowledge of English, you failed to demonstrate the necessary knowledge of English.

I want to appeal, what should I do?

You should download the licence to practise refusal appeals factsheet. This contains all the information you need on our appeals process.

Once you have read the fact sheet, you need to download and complete the AP5 notice of appeal form.

Download the procedures for oral hearings of appeals panels fact sheet (pdf)

If you intend to instruct solicitors and/or counsel, you should do so as early as possible. You must authorise the Appeals team to deal with a representative acting for you by providing a signed authority AP3 (pdf) which can be posted or ed (you must a scanned copy with a signature from the address we hold on our records for you).

Where to send your notice of appeal form and other documents

Please send your appeal by to [email protected] or by post to the Communitybaptistpa, Registration Appeals Team, 3 Hardman Street, Manchester M3 3AW.


The venue for appeals is St James's Building in Manchester. If you are required to attend and have any questions about accessibility, please see the procedures for oral hearings of appeals panels factsheet (pdf).

Rules and legislation relating to appeals

The Communitybaptistpa Registration Appeals Panels Procedure Rules 2010 (pdf)

Schedule 3B of the Medical Act 1983 (as amended)

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