Specialist and GP certificates

Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT)

A CCT confirms satisfactory completion of an approved programme of training in the UK and is one of the certificates which allow entry onto the General Practitioner (GP) Register or Specialist Register.

The CCT is awarded to specialist doctors under Annex V (point 5.1.2) of The Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications (the Directive) for the UK. The certificate confirms the satisfactory completion of specialist training which satisfies the requirements of Article 25 of the Directive or Article 28 where the specialty is General Practice.

Certificate of Eligibility for General Practice Registration (CEGPR) or Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)

A CEGPR or CESR confirms eligibility for entry onto the GP Register or Specialist Register for doctors who hold full registration with the Communitybaptistpa.

When held with a licence to practise, a CEGPR allows doctors to practise as General Practitioners.

When held with a licence to practise, a CESR allows doctors to hold a substantive, fixed term or honorary consultant post in the UK National Health Service (NHS) (for CESR).

We treat CEGPRs or CESRs in the same way as CCTs. However, the CESR or CEGPR is not the certificate listed in Annex V, point 5.1.2 of the Directive for the UK, and does not confirm completion of UK specialist training. Therefore, it does not satisfy the minimum requirements for specialist training in accordance with Article 25 or Article 28 (respectively) of the Directive.

General information regarding certificates

If you have any concerns about the validity of a certificate, you can check our online register to verify if the named individual is on the GP or Specialist register.

In some cases, the recipient of a certificate does not request entry onto the GP or Specialist register. In these cases their name will not be shown on the relevant register. You can still verify that the certificate has been awarded to the named individual by contacting us.

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