Working in the UK

The page is for European and international medical graduates thinking of working in the UK.

The UK job market

The UK welcomes medical practitioners of all grades and experience. But we strongly recommend that you find work as a doctor before you apply for registration with a licence to practise. The UK job market is very competitive, and some doctors struggle to find a job.

You can find ‘' on the . This is mainly for doctors from outside the European internal market area and gives a range of information including:

  • immigration requirements
  • access to UK training
  • pay and conditions
  • evidence of right to work permissions.

Employers will check that you are appropriately qualified and experienced. And, importantly, you will have to show them that you have a good knowledge of English. If you cannot do this, it may reduce your chances of getting a job. You may also find it hard to get work as a doctor if you have been away from medical practice for a long time.

Finding work in the UK - useful links

We do not hold information about job vacancies. But there are a number of other places you can try - for example:

These sites will also give you an idea of the types of jobs available.

Life in the UK

The UK, especially London and the South-East of England, is an expensive place to live. There is strong competition for many jobs, and not just in the medical profession.

You should try to find out if the lifestyle in the UK will suit you. Your local British Consulate or may be able to offer you advice.

What to expect when applying for registration

When you have made your online application, we will you a list of documents that you need to send to us. The list will say what specific documents we need based on the information you gave us in your application. And we will also need translations of all documents that are not in English.

You will need to get some documents from authorities in the country where you graduated, and some documents from authorities in the country where you currently work. We know this can take a long time, so we suggest that you ask for these from the relevant authorities as soon as possible. We will keep your application open for 90 days from the date you apply. If you do not complete it within 90 days, we will close it and let you know.

You can find information in our applying for registration section.


If you become registered and licensed in the UK you will have to show that you remain up to date and fit to practise by revalidating. You can find more information about this in our revalidation section.

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