After registration

This guidance has been written for doctors and sets out the information you need to know once you have been registered.


Communitybaptistpa Online

If you have ever held registration or applied to take the PLAB test, you will have a Communitybaptistpa reference number.

Using Communitybaptistpa Online, you can apply for different types of registration, pay your fees, update your contact details, request a certificate of good standing, check your next revalidation submission date and apply to relinquish your registration and/or your licence to practise.

If you have never logged into Communitybaptistpa Online and do not have log in details, you need to activate your account.

Maintaining your registration and licence to practise

To maintain your licence to practise, you need to prove your skills and knowledge are up to date by taking part in the processes that support your revalidation. You do this by, among other things, having regular appraisals based on our core guidance, Medical practice. Your Responsible Officer (RO) will submit a recommendation to us about your revalidation at least once every five years. See our revalidation section for more details.

To maintain your registration you need to keep your contact details up-to-date and pay your annual retention fee.

Meeting the approved practice settings (APS) requirement

All UK and international medical graduates new to full registration – and all doctors restoring to full registration after prolonged absence from UK practice – are subject to the requirements of our APS scheme. To find out more about this scheme, see our APS page.

Giving up your licence to practise or registration

If you are not currently practising medicine or are in other work that doesn’t require registration or a licence to practise you can choose to either:

  • Give up your licence to practise

    You will still be able to prove your good standing with us to other organisations, but you will pay a reduced annual retention fee. You will not be able to practise medicine in the UK.

  • Give up your registration (voluntary erasure)

    You will not have to pay an annual retention fee during periods when you do not need to be registered and you will not be charged a restoration fee if you later apply to have your name restored to the register.

If you have a contract of employment as a medical practitioner or plan to become a responsible officer in the future you should talk to your employer before giving up your licence or registration.

There is a small fee for giving up your licence to practise or removing your name from the register. Please see our fees page for a list of our current fees.

See our guidance on giving up your licence to practise or guidance on giving up your registration for information about how to apply.

Restoring your registration and/or licence to practise

You need to apply to restore your registration and/or licence to practise.

If you are already registered, see our guidance on restoring your licence to practise.

If you are restoring your registration, you will be asked if you want a licence to practise when you apply. You do not need to make a separate application. If you practise medicine in the UK, you are legally required to have a licence to practise. See our guidance on restoration to the register.

If you applied to give up your registration, there is a small fee for restoration. If you were erased for failing to pay your annual fee, you will have to pay the restoration fee. Please see our fees page for a list of our current fees.

When you apply for restoration, you must come for an identity check at one of our offices before we restore your name to the register. For more information please read our guidance on identity checks.

Certificates of proof of entry on the register

If you lose your registration certificate (or you are planning to work overseas and need evidence of your entry on the register as part of the process), you can print a certificate of proof of entry on the register from Communitybaptistpa Online or direct the overseas regulator to our online register.

Printed certificates do not guarantee that a doctor's status on the register has not changed and they are not proof of identity. Employers or other contracting authorities should check our online register or contact us for up to date information.

Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) also known as a Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS)

A CGS will show that, at the time of issuing, there are no fitness to practise proceedings in progress or contemplated. We will not issue a CGS if there is a current or intended investigation into your fitness to practise.

We can issue a CGS if you want to work overseas in the near future. We will only send the CGS directly to another appropriate body - for example a healthcare regulator or employer. You should check with the relevant overseas authorities if you need one and the timescales they need to receive it by.  

We process requests as quickly as possible, usually within ten working days. But, in case of delay, you should allow as much time as possible for the CGS to be delivered.  We will contact you if we are unable to send the CGS for any reason.

If you need more information, please see our frequently asked questions page for further advice.

How do I request a CGS?

You can request a CGS for an overseas regulator or employer from Communitybaptistpa Online. If you have never been registered, we can't issue a CGS.

Log in to your Communitybaptistpa Online account and from the left hand menu choose ‘My Registration’ and then ‘My CCPS requests’. As well as requesting a new CGS you can also view previous requests you have made.

If you don’t have a Communitybaptistpa Online account, you can find help on our website.

If you have any problems with your request please contact us.

Medico-legal support

Please see our medico-legal support page for information about organisations that can help you with medico-legal problems.