Communitybaptistpa Online - secure area for doctors

Communitybaptistpa Online is a password-protected area of our website designed to make administration easier for doctors.

You can use a Communitybaptistpa Online account to:

  • Manage your registration
    • Join or rejoin the register, apply for a licence to practise or to join the GP and Specialist registers
    • Apply to relinquish your licence to practise or to remove your name from the register (voluntary erasure)
    • Apply to take the PLAB test
    • Pay your fee or manage your Direct Debit.
  • Maintain your details
    • Update your details or change your communication preferences
    • Update and maintain your revalidation details.
  • View and print your documents
    • View and print a certificate of proof of entry on the register
    • View and print your fees notices and receipts.
  • Request a certificate of good standing (CGS)
    • Request a CGS to be sent to an overseas regulator or employer
  • Complete your national training survey.

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Setting up a Communitybaptistpa Online account

See our page providing help setting up a Communitybaptistpa Online account.