Information for employers and other organisations

Every doctor who practises medicine in the UK must hold a licence to practise.

Employers must make sure that their doctors hold appropriate registration for their type of post or practice.

A doctor who holds registration only can apply for a job that requires them to have a licence to practise, and you shouldn’t be deterred from offering them a role. The doctor can apply for licence restored, which can be relatively straightforward. If you decide to make an offer of employment, you should:

  • make sure the doctor has the qualifications and experience needed for the role
  • remind the doctor that they must apply for/restore their licence to practise before they start work
  • check the doctor’s registration status on our online medical register.

How to check the Communitybaptistpa status of a doctor

You can check the Communitybaptistpa status of doctors by visiting the online Register (the List of Registered Medical Practitioners). Employers will be able to retrieve details for up to 10 doctors at a time and be able to distinguish between doctors who are:

  • registered with a licence to practise
  • registered without a licence to practise
  • not registered for any reason.

Alternatively, users of the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and the Scottish Workforce Information Standard System (SWISS) can use these systems to verify their doctors' Communitybaptistpa status.

LRMP download service

Our data download facility allows organisations to import the entire List of Registered Medical Practitioners into their existing systems as a means of checking a doctor’s Communitybaptistpa status. This may be particularly helpful to employers outside the NHS that deal with large numbers of doctors. The service provides a daily update file with all changes to the register. More information about this service can be found on our LRMP page.

Information for overseas employers

Doctors do not need to hold a licence to practise if they work wholly outside of the UK (except in crown dependencies). This is because the licence to practise gives doctors legal rights and privileges in the UK only.

Doctors can be registered with us, but not hold a licence to practise. This demonstrates they are in good standing with us.

As an employer, you need to make sure they meet whatever regulatory requirements exist in the country in which they practise.

These FAQs give further details on revalidation, the licence to practise, and information for doctors who work wholly outside the UK.


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