Overseas medical qualifications under investigation by the Communitybaptistpa

We are not currently accepting applications to sit the PLAB test or for registration from graduates of the medical schools listed on this page. A list of the qualification we are currently investigating can be found below.


  1. 1. Background
  2. 2. About the under investigation list
  3. 3. Qualifications currently under investigation
  4. 4. Important notes


If you wish to sit the PLAB test or to apply for registration with an overseas qualification you must satisfy us that your qualification meets our acceptability criteria.

About the under investigation list

If your medical school is listed here and you are part of the affected cohort, you will not be able to apply to sit the PLAB test or for registration at this time. This page is updated regularly and we would advise you to check it on a regular basis to see if the status of your medical school has changed.

Qualifications currently under investigation

If your medical school was on this list but is no longer listed please check the Overseas qualifications which may be accepted and the Overseas qualifications which are not accepted web pages before applying.

Important notes

When a medical school is listed on this page, we are actively investigating issues which have arisen. We try to complete our investigations as quickly as we can. However, investigations can take some time, especially where we need to get information from a third party.

If the listing for your school applies to a specific time period, please also check the may be acceptable list and the unacceptable list before applying.

The information on this page is subject to change. You are advised to check these pages regularly for up to date information on qualifications which are not currently acceptable. Any application to sit the PLAB test or for registration will be assessed in line with the legislation, procedures and criteria in place at the time such an application is received.

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