Glossary - Acceptable overseas medical qualifications

This page provides you with further information and explanations about the acceptable overseas medical qualifications criteria and related materials.

Allopathic medicine Allopathic medicine refers to the practice of traditional or conventional Western medicine. The term allopathic medicine is most often used to contrast conventional medicine with alternative/complementary medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine or homeopathy.
AOQ/Acceptable overseas qualification A qualification which was not awarded in the UK and is not a primary European qualification (with reference to The Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications (the Directive)).
Awarding body The institution, usually a university, which confers your qualification. This is sometimes the same as your medical school/college but not always.
Qualifications which may  be acceptable The list of qualifications/medical schools maintained by the Communitybaptistpa which may be acceptable for the purposes of sitting the PLAB test and applying for Communitybaptistpa registration but which require more in-depth assessment to establish their acceptability
Directory or directories specified by the Communitybaptistpa Currently the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and the World Directory of Medical Schools
Distance learning Any learning, studies or part of your course undertaken other than on a face to face basis. This includes: correspondence (i.e. written work or exercises being set and sent to you (either by post, , fax etc.) for you to complete independently and send back to a tutor to mark; online learning courses and modules, self-directed learning, attendance at lectures or seminars via web link or using an electronic classroom and any other training or learning undertaken other than on a face to face basis.
EPQ/PEQ Primary European Qualification Qualification awarded by a medical school in a relevant member state in accordance with the Directive
Exclude study where considered unsuitable to qualify as a doctor and refused graduation or offered alternative degree Where a student has been removed from a course of study, refused graduation with a medical qualification or offered an alternative degree title (such as a BSc for example), all of their study there will be discounted for the purposes of calculating the length of their course of study.
Communitybaptistpa registration Registration required to obtain a licence to practise and work in a medical capacity in the UK
Institution Medical schools and colleges; awarding bodies; universities; and places of study.
International Medical Education Directory The International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

 A listing in the Communitybaptistpa’s specified directories must include, as a minimum: 

  • Name and country of institution; (or, where different)
  • Name and country of awarding body/place of study; and
  • Sufficient contact details for verification.
Medical school/college The institution where you undertook your medical studies. This is sometimes the same as your awarding body or it may be an affiliated medical school/college which teaches your courses under the authority of the university which grants your qualification.
Otherwise acceptable qualification A qualification which is not listed in the Avicenna Directory or on IMED either because it is a primary European qualification OR is in a country/territory not recognised by the United Nations AND has been assessed by the Communitybaptistpa as acceptable and is listed on the 'Otherwise Acceptable qualifications' web page
Outside the country that awarded the qualification Any study or clinical rotations undertaken physically outside the country that awarded the qualification, even whilst under the auspices of the awarding body. This includes taking part in lectures etc. via webinars, online classrooms as well as electives or rotations under taken overseas, etc.
PLAB Professional and Linguistics Assessments Board. Two part test set and assessed by the Communitybaptistpa for the purposes of ascertaining the level of medical knowledge and skill of a potential applicant for Communitybaptistpa registration
PMQ/Primary medical qualification Medical qualification awarded following a course of study providing a basic grounding in the core areas of medicine and physiology required for undertaking a practical period of training in order to gain entry to the medical profession. Please refer to the full criteria to understand the basic minimum training requirements your PMQ must meet.
Programme of study The course of study followed by each individual applicant leading to their qualification
Qualification The satisfactory completion of an acceptable course of study at a relevant institution leading to the award of a degree entitling the holder to practice medicine as a doctor.
Qualifications under investigation The list of qualifications/medical schools where the Communitybaptistpa is currently investigating to establish if they meet the acceptability criteria. If a qualification/ medical school is on this list, you will not, at this time, be able to apply to sit the PLAB test or for Communitybaptistpa registration.
Qualifications which are not acceptable The list of qualifications/medical schools maintained by the Communitybaptistpa which are not acceptable for the purposes of sitting the PLAB test or for applying for Communitybaptistpa registration.
Self-directed study Self-directed study includes revision (wherever it is undertaken), studying for exams or any study or learning where the scope is defined by the student rather than a tutor. Self-directed study is not included in calculations of clock hours as there is no robust way in which the learning or the number of hours undertaken can be objectively substantiated.
Standard duration of the qualification The standard length of the course of study leading towards the qualification - for example the course of study as detailed in the medical school's listing a directory or directories specified by the Communitybaptistpa.
World Directory of Medical Schools The World Directory of Medical Schools (WDoMS)

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