Applying for registration with a licence to practise – UK medical graduates who have not completed Foundation Programme year 1

This guidance provides application information for UK medical school graduates who have not completed Foundation Programme year 1.

We’ve made an important change to the way doctors can use their provisional registration (PR). From 1 April 2015, the length of time doctors are allowed to hold provisional registration is limited to a maximum of three years and 30 days.

We strongly recommend that you make your application three months before you plan to start work in case we need you to give us more evidence which can take time to assess. You’ll have three months to submit your application from when you start it online. If you have not submitted your application after three months you will have to start a new one. Instructions on setting up your online account are given at the end of this guidance.

Your application for provisional registration with a licence to practise will be an online application. At the end of this guidance you will be given a link to enter our secure web portal, Communitybaptistpa Online.

Your next steps

  • Read this guidance (10 pages)
  • Activate your Communitybaptistpa Online account (we will you instructions on how to do this)
  • Attend your identity check event (your medical school will tell you when this is)
  • Log in, complete your application and pay your fee. You can do this up to three months before you are due to start your F1 post.

There is more information about these steps on the following pages of this guidance.

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