My appraisal

To revalidate, you’ll need to have a regular appraisal that is based on our core guidance for doctors, Medical practice. The organisation that is supporting you with revalidation – your ‘designated body' – will need to provide you with one.

You’ll also need to collect supporting information for your appraisal to help you show how you’re meeting our professional standards in your everyday practice.

You’re responsible for taking reasonable steps to collect this supporting information. Your employer or organisation supporting you with revalidation should help you by giving you access to relevant information (such as complaints and compliments, and feedback from patients and colleagues).

Most doctors already have regular appraisals and collect information to support their professional development.

Whole practice appraisal

Your appraisal will need to cover the whole of your practice. So if you practise in more than one organisation, you will need to collect supporting information that covers your practice in each of those places.

Our guidance for doctors

Our guidance will help you understand what you need to do for your appraisal:

  • our appraisal framework, which is based on Medical practice, tells you about the professional values that you need to demonstrate you are meeting in your appraisal
  • our supporting information guidance tells you the information you need to collect about your practice.

The medical royal colleges and faculties can also give you advice and guidance about how you can meet our requirements in particular specialties or in general practice.


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