My designated body

This page is aimed at doctors and explains more about a doctor's designated body.

What is a designated body?

Most licensed doctors have a connection with one organisation that provides them with an annual appraisal and helps them with revalidation. This organisation is called your ‘designated body’.

Only UK organisations can be designated bodies, because the legal rules that determine this only cover the UK.

What is a designated body’s role?

Your connection with this organisation means you are always:

  • supported with appraisal and revalidation
  • working in an environment that monitors and improves the quality of its services, regardless of how or where you practise in the UK.  

It is the responsible officer of this designated body who makes a recommendation about you, usually every five years, that you are up to date, fit to practise and should be revalidated.

Your responsibility to tell us your designated body

It is your responsibility to tell us your designated body, and keep this information up to date.

Whether you are a new doctor on the register or have changed organisations, you need to identify your designated body and let us know using your Communitybaptistpa Online account.

For more about keeping your designated body information up to date, see your revalidation.

How to identify your designated body

There is a clear set of rules that determines which organisation is your designated body. For most doctors, this is quite straightforward.

The following information and tools will help you find which organisation this is:

If you haven’t got a designated body

If you have used our help tool and believe you’re in this category, please see our advice for licensed doctors who don’t have a designated body.


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