Managing appraisals

Every responsible officer must make sure their organisation has an appraisal system that reflects our core guidance for doctors, Medical practice, and that every doctor they will make a recommendation about is having a regular appraisal.

They also need to ensure their organisation has a clinical governance system that can provide doctors with the supporting information they need for their appraisal and revalidation.

Our guidance for doctors

We have produced an appraisal framework that can help you, as an employer, understand the focus of the appraisals that doctors must have to support their revalidation.

Our supporting information guidance tells doctors the information they need to collect about their practice for their appraisal. Organisations will need to help doctors by giving them access to information about their practice (such as complaints and compliments, and feedback from patients and colleagues.

Additional guidance

The four health departments of the UK have developed additional appraisal guidance and documentation to help employers in their countries deliver appraisals that will support doctors with revalidation.

This includes:

  • the  developed by the NHS Revalidation Support Team in England
  • the
  • and .

 For more information, please visit our Help and Guidance section.

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