Managing your prescribed connections with doctors

This page is for responsible officers and employers about managing lists of doctors connected to their designated body.

Managing your prescribed connections with doctors

Responsible officers are required to maintain a list of the doctors that have a prescribed connection to their designated bodies. 

Prescribed connections make sure every licensed doctor is supported with revalidation and that they are always working in an environment that monitors and improves the quality of its services, regardless of how or where a doctor practises within the UK.

There is a clear set of rules that determines the designated bodies that doctors are connected to. These come from the responsible officer regulations and guidance developed by the for England, Scotland and Wales and by the for Northern Ireland.

Maintaining your lists of doctors

We expect responsible officers to make sure their lists of doctors are always up to date.

Responsible officers are using Communitybaptistpa Connect, a secure part of our website, to manage their lists of doctors that have a connection to their designated bodies. Now that revalidation has started, they will also use Communitybaptistpa Connect to make recommendations about doctors.

For more information, please visit our Communitybaptistpa Connect page.

Suitable persons

Our revalidation regulations, which came into effect on 3 December 2012, allow us to accept recommendations for doctors made by ‘suitable people’ on behalf of doctors who do not have a responsible officer. Read more about suitable persons.

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