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Our guidance

Please see our guidance page for the framework for appraisal and revalidationsupporting information guidance and our guidance on colleague and patient feedback.

We also have a protocol to help responsible officers make their recommendations about doctors. This guidance includes clear criteria for making recommendations.

Revalidation governance handbook

Our new handbook (pdf) helps the boards and governing bodies of healthcare providers check the strength and effectiveness of systems that exist within their organisations to support the delivery of quality care for patients and the revalidation of doctors.

We have developed the handbook in partnership with systems regulators and quality improvement bodies from across the UK.

The handbook comes with a helpful checklist (pdf) of questions which boards can use to demonstrate sound governance.

Responsible officer regulations

England, Scotland and Wales

(which reflect the changes to the structure of the NHS in England which took place on 1 April 2013)

These Department of Health (England) regulations cover, among other things, the duties of responsible officers and the prescribed connections which doctors have with designated bodies.

Northern Ireland

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety published these regulations and guidance in October 2010.


Employer Liaison Service

Our team of 15 employer liaison advisers are working closely with responsible officers across the UK, helping them with revalidation and the management of concerns about doctors. Find out more about our employer liaison service.


Read our frequently asked questions about revalidation and our frequently asked questions about approved practice settings.

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For more information and guidance about what your organisation should be doing to prepare for the introduction of revalidation, please visit the useful links page.

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