How patients can get involved

Patients have an important role to play in the revalidation of doctors. We know that patients can give valuable feedback to their doctor to help them identify what they are doing well, and where they can make improvements.

So as part of a doctor’s revalidation, we ask them to collect feedback from their patients. We expect them to talk about this feedback at their annual appraisal and the changes they’re going to make to how they work.

How doctors collect feedback

We ask doctors to collect feedback from their patients at least once every five years. Doctors’ employers will usually ask patients to give feedback after an appointment. Feedback is usually collected using a questionnaire designed to assess the patient’s experience with a doctor.

We’ve developed a questionnaire for patient feedback, which employers and doctors can use. The questionnaire asks patients to comment on how well their doctor:

  • assessed their medical condition
  • listened to them
  • explained their condition and treatment
  • involved them in any decisions about their treatment

Employers and doctors don’t have to use our questionnaire. There are a number of others they can use, and some organisations create their own.

Help giving feedback to your doctor

We have produced a leaflet for patients who have been asked to give feedback to their doctor. It explains how the process works and tips on giving useful feedback.

There is also a Welsh version (pdf) (Rhoi adborth i'ch meddyg) (pdf)

An easy read version (pdf) and a large print version (pdf)

We also have frequently asked questions about giving your doctor feedback.

Cwestiynau cyffredin i gleifion am roi adborth i'ch meddygat ddibenion ailddilysu (Welsh version) (pdf)

Complaints and compliments

A doctor must also review any complaints or compliments they have received from patients at each annual appraisal.

If you need more information about how to complain about your doctor, you can use our interactive guide to making complaints called Patients' help.


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