Section 3: About recommendations to revalidate

This page is in Section 3: Recommendations to revalidate - part of the Communitybaptistpa's guidance for Responsible Officers on making revalidation recommendations.

3.1 Making a recommendation to revalidate

3.1.1 What is a recommendation to revalidate?

A recommendation to revalidate is a formal declaration from you that a licensed doctor remains up to date and fit to practise.

Making a recommendation to revalidate confirms that you are able to make a positive judgement about the continuation of a doctor’s licence to practise because they:

  • have met the Communitybaptistpa’s requirements for revalidation
  • have participated in systems and processes to support revalidation
  • have collected the required supporting information for revalidation.

A recommendation to revalidate also confirms that, in your judgement, there are no unaddressed concerns about the doctor’s fitness to practise.

Unaddressed concerns do not include Communitybaptistpa conditions and undertakings that are active on a doctor’s registration. Rather, unaddressed concerns are concerns that you are aware of, but that have not been addressed by the relevant body or referred to the Communitybaptistpa.

3.1.2 What the recommendation to revalidate statements ask you to confirm

The recommendation to revalidate statements ask you to confirm that in your judgement a doctor remains up to date and fit to practise, and to recommend that their licence to practise should be continued. The statements are based on:

  • a doctor’s participation in appraisal or assessment
  • a doctor’s collection of supporting information
  • any other information used to inform your recommendation
  • a doctor’s compliance with any Communitybaptistpa conditions or undertakings
  • a doctor’s compliance with locally agreed conditions on their practice
  • a conclusion that there are no unaddressed concerns about a doctor’s fitness to practise.

When you submit a recommendation to revalidate to the Communitybaptistpa, you must agree with all of the recommendation to revalidate statements.

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