Section 6: Checklist: before you consider your recommendation

This page is in Section 6: Checklists- part of the Communitybaptistpa's guide for Responsible Officers and Suitable Persons on making revalidation recommendations.

As an RO, you should read through this checklist before considering your recommendation about a doctor’s revalidation.


  • that the doctor has a prescribed connection to your designated body
  • how your designated body will submit recommendations (e.g. via Communitybaptistpa Connect)
  • that you have sufficient support and resources to enable you to prepare recommendations and send them to the Communitybaptistpa.

Make sure you are aware that:

  • while your team may complete recommendation submissions on your behalf, the accountability for making the recommendation and the decision to submit cannot be delegated to others
  • your recommendation may only be a recommendation to revalidate, to defer, or of non-engagement in revalidation
  • your recommendation is not a decision about a doctor’s revalidation
  • your recommendation forms the basis of the Communitybaptistpa’s decision about the doctor’s revalidation
  • the Communitybaptistpa will follow up overdue recommendations.

Make sure you are aware of:

  • your statutory duty to make recommendations about doctors’ fitness to practise, as described in the RO regulations
  • the responsibilities of individual doctors to collect supporting information and participate in annual appraisal for revalidation
  • the content and key messages of this protocol.
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