Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about revalidation for doctors who are in training.

What do I do if I change LETB or deanery?

If you change your LETB or your deanery, your designated body will have changed. You should update the connection information we hold for you using Communitybaptistpa Online.

What happens to my revalidation date if I leave my training programme before obtaining my CCT?

Your revalidation submission date doesn’t change if you leave training before you obtain your CCT. You can see your revalidation date on your Communitybaptistpa Online account. If you have a connection to a designated body, your new Responsible Officer will need to make a revalidation recommendation by this date. 

How is my ‘period of grace’ at the end of training accounted for?

Doctors in training are eligible for an extension to their training agreement following completion of training, which provides time for them to find employment. This is referred to as the ‘period of grace’.

During your ‘period of grace’ your designated body won’t change. Your Responsible Officer will therefore remain the same, until you either come to the end of your ‘period of grace’, or until you no longer have a national training number.

If I don’t get a 1 in my ARCP does that mean I can’t revalidate?

The decision about your revalidation is separate to the decision made about your progression through training although they may both happen around the same time.

Your Responsible Officer will make a recommendation for your revalidation about your fitness to practise rather than your training progression.  We have produced guidance for Responsible Officers who make recommendations for doctors in training.

The procedures and guidance for recommending a trainee for the award of a CCT is set out in the Gold Guide.

What happens if my revalidation submission date falls before my fifth ARCP has taken place?

Your Responsible Officer will still make a recommendation for you. Revalidation is not a point in time assessment, and is based on your ongoing demonstration of your fitness to practise. Your ARCP and revalidation submission date do not need to align, and doctors in training can revalidate with fewer than five ARCPs.

What role does my employer have in my revalidation?

Your Responsible Officer may use information from the clinical and corporate governance systems of your employer for each post to satisfy themselves that there are no unaddressed concerns about your fitness to practise. This could include information on significant events, and complaints and compliments.

All doctors are required to provide information on significant events, and complaints and compliments for revalidation. They must also demonstrate what reflection on their practice this information prompted, any areas for development identified and how they will be addressed.