Doctors completing specialty training

This page provides information about revalidation for doctors completing their specialty training.

When you complete your training you will revalidate, usually every five years, based on a recommendation that we receive from your Responsible Officer.

As a doctor in training your Responsible Officer will have made a recommendation about you based on your participation in the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process. You should have revalidated after your final ARCP and a new date set for you in five years’ time. If this has not happened and you don’t know why, you should contact the Responsible Officer at your Local Education and Training Board (LETB) or Deanery.

Update your connection details as soon as you qualify

When you complete your training, you’ll need to update your connection because your LETB or Deanery will no longer be your designated body. If you’re unsure which organisation is your designated body, you can use our online tool to check.

You must update your connection information using your Communitybaptistpa Online account as soon as you qualify. You must also tell us if you do not have a connection to a designated body.  We have information for doctors without a connection.

We will write to remind you to do this because we need to know the organisation that’s going to support you with your next revalidation. It is your responsibility to tell us your designated body, and to keep this information up to date.

What do I now have to do for revalidation?

As a licensed doctor, you must have an annual appraisal based on our core guidance Medical practice. You must collect supporting information about your practice and reflect on what this tells you so that you can discuss any plans to develop or modify your practice with your appraiser. Our guidance provides you with more information about what is required, and how this will help you with your own professional development as a doctor.

Whilst your formal revalidation will normally happen once every five years, revalidation is an ongoing process. It is your responsibility to have regular appraisal. Failure to do so, without reasonable excuse, will put your licence at risk. Your Responsible Officer can make an early notification of non engagement to us if you do not engage with appraisal and participate in the local processes which underpin revalidation.

We have guidance for all licensed doctors about revalidation.

Working overseas after training

What if I am going to work overseas after I’ve completed my specialty training?

Many doctors choose to spend a period of time working overseas after they have completed their specialty training. If you decide to keep your licence while you’re working overseas you’ll still need to revalidate.

If you’re going overseas, you should decide if you need your licence to practise. Remember, your licence to practise gives you legal authority to practise in the UK1. While you’re practising in another country we’d recommend that you relinquish your licence. You can remain registered without it.

How will I revalidate?

If you have a connection to a designated body then you should speak to your Responsible Officer about what you need to do for your revalidation during the time that you’re working overseas. Remember, only UK organisations can be designated bodies, because the legal rules that determine this only cover the UK.

Licensed doctors without an Responsible Officer or a Suitable Person, must still revalidate.  Every year they must make an online annual return, providing us with information about their practice and work history and to provide evidence of their most recent appraisal.

We also ask these doctors to take part in an assessment, usually once every five years, to show that their medical knowledge is up to date. Doctors will be given notice to take the assessment and they will be able to book a place online, through their Communitybaptistpa Online account. The assessment will take place in the UK.
We have information about revalidation for doctors without a connection.

Should I keep my licence?

Doctors going overseas for a short period of time may decide to keep their licence while they’re away although they need to remember that they must continue to engage in revalidation. Our guidance for doctors based wholly overseas or not intending to return to the UK, is to relinquish their licence to practise and restore it when they return to practise in this country.

These examples may help you to decide whether to remain licensed while you’re working overseas.

Dr Jones

  • Working in Germany for 12 months.
  • Will return to the UK.
  • Won’t have a connection while away.
  • She arranges her appraisal with a licensed appraiser in the UK and completes her online return while she is in Germany.

Decision: Keeps licence.

Dr Martinez

  • Going to work in New Zealand for at least three years.
  • Will probably settle there permanently.
  • Won’t have a connection while away.

Decision: Gives up licence and keeps registration. Dr Martinez can decide to give up his registration at a later date when he knows if he will be settling in New Zealand.

Dr Bolton

  • Going to work in Kenya for two years.
  • Will return to the UK.
  • Won’t have a connection while away.
  • She doesn’t want to arrange to have two appraisals, and submit two annual returns while away.

Decision: Gives up licence and keeps registration. Dr Bolton successfully applies for her licence to be restored three months before returning to the UK.

Dr Hargreaves


  • Qualified as a GP.
  • Working in France for three years.
  • Won’t have a connection to a designated body while away but wants to stay on the GP performers list.
  • Arranges to have appraisals with a licensed appraiser in the UK and completes an online return every year.

Decision: Keeps licence.

 1 Unless you are working in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or Gibraltar

Remember to keep your contact information up to date

It is important we have up to date contact details for you whilst you are overseas. Keep your details up to date through your Communitybaptistpa Online account.

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