Education standards review

We began our review in 2013 and published the new standards for medical education and training in July 2015.

What are the new standards?

Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training sets out the standards and requirements for the management and delivery of undergraduate, foundation and postgraduate training in the UK.

The new standards replace the ‘standards for delivery of teaching, learning and assessment for undergraduate medical education’ in Tomorrow’s Doctors (2009), and the ‘standards for postgraduate training’ in The Trainee Doctor (2011).

What was the review about?

The review was part of an overall review of our approach to quality assurance and its main objectives were:

  • making our standards more consistent and coherent across the continuum of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training to improve quality
  • making sure our standards reflect the characteristics of a good learning environment and culture
  • supporting our regional reviews of medical schools, postgraduate deaneries and local education and training boards, and local education providers.

The terms of reference for the review of standards (pdf) set out our approach to the review.

What took place in the review?

During 2013 and 2014 we worked with an Expert Advisory Group (pdf) made up of individuals whose interest, experience and expertise covers regulation of the health service, and undergraduate, foundation, and postgraduate training in all four countries of the UK. We published the agendas and meeting papers of each meeting.

In early discussions with the EAG we agreed on a purpose statement and principles for the standards (pdf).

We shared an early draft of the standards with stakeholders at a series of workshops across the UK in 2014, and held a public consultation on the draft education and training standards (pdf) in early 2015. Feedback and suggestions from our engagement and consultation informed the development of the new standards.

For more information please contact us at [email protected].

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