Review of the impact of Tomorrow's Doctors

We have completed our review of the impact of Tomorrow's Doctors and how prepared recent graduates are for medical practice and for further training.

We have concluded that:

  • very few UK medical graduates are very poorly prepared for practice
  • about one in ten feels that they have not been adequately prepared
  • there is some evidence that preparedness has improved and that Tomorrow's Doctors has resulted in curricular changes
  • there remain some key areas of concern, e.g. about prescribing, emergency care and more generally resilience in a clinical environment
  • there are also major variations in how prepared graduates feel between medical schools.

Download the report

Our report Be prepared: are new doctors safe to practise? (pdf) summarises the conclusions we made, based on research we commissioned and other data available to us.

For more information, see the research report How prepared are UK medical graduates for practice? This reports a rapid literature review and qualitative research that we commissioned from a team led by Dr Lynn Monrouxe from Cardiff University.

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Review of standards

These developments are complementary to the separate review of the standards for education and training.

That review focuses on the standards for management and delivery which are common to all medical education and training, rather than on individuals’ achievement in terms of feeling prepared, competencies or outcomes needed to progress through education and training.

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