Health and disability review, 2012-2013

This review examined the challenges that disabled doctors face at all stages of education and training and any implications for the regulatory framework.

About the review

Many disabled doctors are practising successfully in the medical profession alongside non-disabled colleagues. Indeed, patients often identify closely with disabled medical professionals who can offer a unique personal insight and sensitivity.

However, the journey through the medical education and training system is not always an easy one. In some cases, even with reasonable adjustments, it may not be possible for everyone successfully and safely to undertake all stages of medical education and training.

Equally, medical schools and postgraduate deaneries/local education and training boards face challenges in determining the level of support which disabled students and trainees may need during their education and training.

As the regulator, we thought it appropriate and timely to review the overall position to see where there might be scope to promote greater clarity and consistency in the type and level of support which may be available.

Information published

Throughout the review we published information on important issues we had considered. This can be found in our Key documents page under All stages of education and training.


Through the review, we developed resources on health and disability to help disabled students, doctors in training, practitioners and medical education providers.

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