Health and disability review

The journey through medical education and training systems is not always an easy one and it can be even harder if you have a disability.

We are looking at how disabled students and doctors are supported throughout medical education to improve access to the profession. We want to help education providers by giving more practical advice.

We also want to make sure learners know what support is available to them, and they are able to receive it in the best form for them. As part of this work, we are revising our key piece of guidance in this area, Gateways to the professions.

We held nine roundtable events from September – December 2017, where we heard the views of medical students, doctors, and educators about the support for learners with long-term health conditions and disabilities.

If you want to be involved in our work programme, please . Read a to find out more about our work programme and why we’d like you to become involved.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to improve access to the medical profession for people with long term health conditions and disabilities. Our work programme has three core aims.

  • Provide more practical advice to key audiences, building on the overriding principles of the existing guidance and the Equality Act 2010, and expand our guidance to include postgraduate education and training.
  • Reach out to medical students directly and provide advice on what support they can expect from education providers. This will be done in collaboration with the Medical Schools Council.
  • Enrich our resources to produce a ‘hub’ with helpful materials for prospective and current students, doctors and educators. This will include examples of good practice, personal stories and other resources.

We will have a public consultation on the revised guidance in 2018 and plan to publish the revised version of Gateways to the professions and accompanying resources later in 2018.

How can I get involved?

We want to make sure that everyone who is affected by the guidance has a chance to have their say and share their views with us. For that reason, we have hosted a series of roundtables this autumn, and have heard from students, doctors, educators, employers and members of the public.

We also want to hear personal stories from medical students and doctors who are going through or have completed medical education and training with a disability. Let us know at [email protected] if you would like to share your story.

In addition to the roundtables, we have put together a core group of experts who are advising us on the direction of the guidance, and we are also reaching out to a wider reference community of individuals and organisations.

Why are we revising the guidance?

Our stakeholders have told us that a new version of the guidance will help them more in supporting students and doctors with disabilities. It has also been four years since the latest version of Gateways to the professions was published, so we want to produce new guidance to reflect recent developments.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you would like any more information about our work programme.

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