Enhanced monitoring of issues in medical education and training

We use enhanced monitoring to support medical schools, deaneries, local education and training boards, and medical royal colleges and faculties to manage concerns about the quality and safety of medical education and training.

We require more frequent progress updates from those responsible for managing these concerns. We can provide Communitybaptistpa representation on a locally-led visit to investigate a concern or check on progress. We publish information on enhanced monitoring cases on our website and share information with other healthcare regulators where appropriate.

Issues that require enhanced monitoring are those that we believe could adversely affect patient safety, doctors’ progress in training, or the quality of the training environment. Issues are usually referred to us if the following criteria are met:

  • Persistent and serious patient safety concerns
  • Students’ or doctors in training’s safety is put at risk
  • Students or doctors in training are not getting the experience required by their curriculum
  • Local quality management processes alone are insufficient to address the issue

Concerns may be referred to the enhanced monitoring process by medical schools, deaneries, local education and training boards, and medical royal colleges and faculties. We can also escalate a concern to this process as a result of our own evidence base, or information from other sources such as patients, students, and doctors in training.

Where possible we will work with all organisations to address the concern and develop a sustainable solution; sometimes we also need to work with other regulators and organisations to drive improvements. However, our statute grants us the power to withdraw approval for training if an issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved.

We publish information about issues which are under enhanced monitoring in order to promote transparency, drive improvement and promote organisations learning from one another. We have a duty to assure the public that concerns about quality and safety are being addressed.

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