National training surveys

The national training surveys are a core part of the work we carry out each year, to monitor and report on the quality of postgraduate medical education and training in the UK.

Each year we run the comprehensive surveys asking all doctors in training and trainers for their views. Their feedback help us make sure that doctors in training receive high quality training in a safe and effective clinical environment and trainers are well supported in their role.

2017 national training surveys key findings

Over 53,000 doctors in training and 24,000 trainers gave us their views on the quality of UK medical training, and training environments across the UK.

Our analysis suggests that many trainers are going above and beyond to make sure that the quality of UK medical education and training isn’t sacrificed for service provision. While doctors in training are broadly satisfied with their training experience, trainers told us they’re under pressure, with many saying they don’t have the time and support they need to carry out this vital role.

Read our key findings report or explore the results from the 2017 national training surveys in our  

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You can find information about the survey for:

You may also be interested in survey documents (including briefing notes about how the survey works) and survey reports (papers we've written about survey findings and results).

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