Better care for older people - what's on these pages?

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We want to help doctors deal with the issues and challenges you may face in your everyday practice. We want to challenge the stereotypes associated with older people, and help you tackle the most common concerns older people have about their care.

New online resources

We’ve developed online resources to support you in your care of older people. These are a mix of new and existing tools, good practice and guidance, both from us and from trusted partner organisations.

These resources are organised by three themes that we’ve been told are important to older people and their doctors.

Giving older people good care

This section examines some of the issues you may face when treating older people, from making sure that older patients are treated with respect and dignity in consultations; to helping them manage the pain of a long-term condition.

Working in partnership with older people

This section explores ways to work together with patients and carers. By listening to and working with older patients, you can help them to better care for themselves outside of health services.

Equal access to care

A patient’s age shouldn’t determine the standard of treatment and care they get. This section explores some of the themes and challenges you may face in making sure your patients get equal access to care, no matter what their age.

News and updates

To keep this content current and relevant, and to respond to any new issues that arise, we’ll be continually updating and reviewing these pages. Visit our News and updates page to get the latest Better care for older people news. Or you can subscribe to our regular e-updates.

Better care for older people: background

As the UK population lives to an older age, demand on our health services is increasing. For doctors, this means longer lists of patients and increasing numbers with long-term conditions and complex care needs. Events such as the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry in England and the Vale of Leven Hospital Inquiry in Scotland, along with the constant focus on providing good care to patients at the end of their lives, mean that improving care of older patients is a priority for all health professionals.


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