May 2015

Adult safeguarding for older patients

27 May 2015

This month we’re taking a look at older adult safeguarding. This is a complex area of care, which can carry some significant implications for care of your older patents.

Under the new safeguarding provisions of the (pdf), which were effective from this April, safeguarding is a multi-agency process. This means that doctors, among others, have a duty to cooperate in the process when they have reason to suspect a patient’s safety may be at risk.

Our resources in this month’s release aim to raise awareness of these new requirements and support you in this area of care.


Carmen Gardier is the Adult Safeguarding Manager for Camden Council. She tackles some of the myths associated with safeguarding older patients. This is a one page summary (pdf) – take a look online or print it to share with your team.

Resources relating to older adult safeguarding

This month we have a who shares her experiences of patients with safeguarding issues. In addition we’ve assembled a collection of guidance and other tools and resources for you and your patients, in relation to adult safeguarding issues. These include videos, signposts, opinion pieces, checklists and more.

Do you face any challenges relating to older adult safeguarding?

Have you encountered particular issues you need help with, or that you have managed to overcome?

We’re looking for examples of practice that we can adapt as vignettes and case studies to share with other doctors who may be in similar situations. Please contact us at [email protected] to share your experiences or find out more.


More about dementia and mental health

1 May 2015

Our last launch was about dementia and mental health, in February. Since then we’ve added three new s to these pages.

  1. 1. .This comes from Dr Katie Smith who is an ST2 in public health and is also a Communitybaptistpa clinical fellow. She reflects here on her experiences of caring for patients with dementia as a junior doctor.
  2. 2. . This comes from Dr Les Rudd, who is the Mental Health Service Improvement lead for 1000 Lives Improvement, part of Public Health Wales.
  3. 3. . Tom MacLaren is a Teaching Fellow and James Warner is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Chair of the Faculty of Old Age, Medical Royal College of Psychiatrists. Here they discuss mental health issues that can affect older patients.

Short survey – for your completion by 15 May 2015

We’re keen to find out about your development needs in relation to older care, and also what you think of the content and structure of these Better care for older people web pages. Your (anonymised) answers will help us understand how our resources can be tailored to better meet doctors’ needs. With your feedback we hope to identify where improvements could be made. Please take a few minutes to look at this .

How will you improve care for older people this year?

We’re looking for examples of good practice of working with older people. Perhaps you know of a local families and carers network, or have tips for supporting older patients with long term conditions? Whatever it is, if a particular approach has worked well for you, chances are, it will work well for other doctors. Please send your examples through to us at [email protected].

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