September 2015

Continuity of care

Continuity of care can mean different things for patients and doctors. In primary care it may be about patients with a long term condition, seeing a GP they trust and who understands their on-going needs. In hospital it may be about managing an effective handover from one shift to another, or ensuring that your patients are effectively discharged.

We’re focussing on this theme just following the annual peak changeover period for trainee doctors across the UK – and a time when continuity of care can be stressful.

We’ve gathered signposts, guidance, articles and other resources to help support you in meeting patients’ expectations.

Continuity of care – some tips for junior doctors

Dr Peter Brock is a Geriatrics specialist trainee working in the North East and Secretary of the (AEME). In this he shares some tips and thoughts for junior doctors about continuity of care.

Better care for older people: next steps – feedback request

We have now been running this campaign since July 2014. Following this month’s release, we will be taking some time to evaluate and consider either further themes relating to older care, or another area of care entirely to focus on. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback by ing us at: [email protected].

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