Advance care planning

Advance care planning can be key to ensuring that your patient receives timely access to safe and effective care that continues to meet their needs and wishes as they approach the end of their lives. As part of our end of life care campaign, we are focusing on some of the preconceptions, benefits, barriers and ethical issues you may want to consider when approaching these conversations with your patients.

Talking about advance care planning

What do patients think of when they hear the phrase ‘advance care planning’? Do they understand the types of decisions they can make, the potential benefits of an advance care plan and who they can speak to about this on an ongoing basis?

Here you can watch a , the barriers to good conversations and how these can be overcome.

We developed the film following a workshop led with Age UK. At the workshop there was a significant gap between the public’s understanding of the issue and doctors’ awareness of advance care planning. There was strong support for encouraging general conversations at an early stage, so people thought about their wishes long before receiving a terminal diagnosis. You can also read the summary report of the workshop findings (pdf).

Thoughts from Age UK

Age UK often talk to older people about issues surrounding end of life care, and planning for future care. Here you can read about some of the preconceptions people have that may prevent them from wanting to discuss advance care planning.

Support and resources

Advance care planning conversations can be challenging for all involved. Here you can find some useful resources developed to support you, and your patients, in having these conversations.
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