Talking about end of life care: communication

What is important to a patient and those close to them when having conversations about end of life care?

What can you do to try and make these difficult conversations more comfortable for all involved?

How can you ensure your patient understands their situation and what choices are available?

 exploring views from doctors, patients and those close to them about good communication in end of life care.

good communication in end of life care

If you have found this film useful in reflecting on your experiences and practice, read more in our by Dr Catherine Millington Sanders where you can find ten top tips on having difficult conversations. You can also see key parts of our guidance, other tools and resources to support you in communicating effectively and compassionately with patients approaching the end of life and those close to them.

Thank you to all who were involved in the creation of this film. You can find out more about how we developed this film and who was involved here.

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